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We are bringing together residents concerned with issues related to the BeltLine's development and working together to develop a collective action campaign using the research and information we've gathered, and our personal experiences of displacement, to organize for a BeltLine for All, and Development Without Displacement. If you live in a BeltLine neighborhood and are impacted by the rising costs associated with the BeltLine, join our campaign! We meet  Wednesday evenings at 6:00 at PRC, 1101 Hank Aaron Drive.

The BeltLine promised much needed services and opportunities to historically disinvested communities, but failed to recognize the need to center residents’ voices within decision-making processes in order to meet the critical needs of long-time residents and avoid the historical and continuing patterns of racism, displacement, and disinvestment. What we have seen so far makes clear the disparity in power between low-income communities and wealthy developers. Our campaign is working to reverse the unjust trends that have been set with the BeltLine development project.

Mass education and community organizing will create strong measures of accountability to reverse these patterns. We are working to promote a recognition of differences in the cultures and needs of low-income communities and to put residents voices at the center of decision-making processes. Massive urban development projects like the BeltLine must provide reinvestment to the communities that big developers consistently take advantage of.

Our approach includes:

  • Mass education among both long-time residents and newcomers through popular education workshops

  • Holding public officials responsible to push for equitable, anti-racist policies

  • Direct action and protest to engage wider audiences