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The Gulch; What Happens Now?

  • Georgia Beer Garden 420 Edgewood Avenue Southeast Atlanta, GA, 30312 United States (map)

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On November 5th Atlanta City Council approved the Gulch deal for developer CIM. The package of incentives and financial giveaways was also approved by Invest Atlanta and is now on its way to becoming a reality. 

So what was in the package and happens now? 

First we must acknowledge that this is bigger then the Gulch. We believe that our cites approach to mega development is plunging us into a deeper and deeper wealth inequality each year and we must get better at defeating these billionare welfare checks from being written by our city while we are in an affordable housing crisis, surrounded by underfunded schools, and have pothole(we call em little Gulches) at over the city.

BUT THERE'S GOOD NEWS! We believe we can still Redlight the Gulch with your help!
Join us Thursday Dec 6th at 6pm at the Georgia Beer Garden as celebrate the work we have done so far(we did shave off over 700 million from the deal) and outline our plan to win this fight in the Court of law and the court of public opinion!
Together we can build an Atlanta that works for all of us!

Suggested donation of $10 either at the door or via our Go Fund Me (all funding going towards a legal defense fund) >> 

More Info:
This really has been a fight over what sort of city Atlanta is going to be - one run for all residents or one run for a few powerful, wealthy insiders by their pawns. Six Council Members stood firm with their constituents and we should all support them.

The Gulch Scheme has several legal vulnerabilities. Now we're forced to fight it in court, we are ready to do so. Our crack legal expert has already warned council that the sales tax exemption part of the scheme is unconstitutional. See his letter and an explainer on
Preventing this scheme from going through would save every family in the city $13,000.

Sadly, litigation is not cheap, even with attorneys working at steeply cut rates. We'll need to raise $30,000 quickly to pay the legal team to prepare filings and object at the bond validation hearings and, if necessary, to appeal. Since the Gulchies rushed their scheme past Invest Atlanta on Nov 8, the court date could be in the next few days. 

It's now or never. If bond validation is not challenged, the scheme is locked in.

Hundreds (perhaps thousands) of constituents have been outraged enough to protest to their council members and attend meetings to show opposition. Many supportive people have now contributed. We're on our way!