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Car Wash! HJL Supports the National Alliance of HUD Tenants!

  • 1251 Pryor Road Southwest Atlanta, GA, 30315 United States (map)

Come wash cars and get your car washed to help HJL raise funds to support tenant leaders in attending the National Alliance of HUD Tenants' annual conference! The National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT) is holding its annual conference in June to convene HUD tenant organizers to coordinate and discuss strategies for building strong tenant associations, fighting urban displacement and gentrification, and sustaining resident-controlled housing.

We are in a critical moment for the housing movement in Atlanta and the country as a whole! Cities all across the United States are experiencing an affordable housing crisis, and residents are mobilizing, organizing and fighting back against the history of racist and exploitative policies that have brought us here. This movement is gaining momentum as people the world over are raising their voices to declare that housing is a human right and that our communities are homes, not something to be stolen and used for profit!

It is important for tenant leaders to have access to these organizing efforts, and with your contribution and help they will be able to! Together we can take back control of our communities and build a national movement for housing justice.