We seek to create space to bring tenant associations, homeowners, and the broader community together for trainings, leadership development, and to launch campaigns around housing issues in the community. Join us at our monthly mass meetings to get involved!


We work with renters and homeowners to self-organize and defend their right to remain. We fight to preserve affordable housing, for just living conditions, to prevent gentrification, and to build community power for an Atlanta-wide housing justice movement.


We Will:

  1. Not tolerate racism, homophobia, ableism, and sexism.

  2. Respect one another.

  3. Listen to each other.

  4. Act organizationally, not as individuals.

  5. Speak our minds, and see each other in the best, most holistic light possible.

  6. Avoid utilizing systems we wish to break down (e.g.: patriarchy, white supremacy, heteronormativity).

  7. Build each other up through constructive criticism, and not tear each other down.

  8. Bring concerns & issues to the organization to work out.

  9. Trust that members of Housing Justice League are here to build the housing justice movement and make the Housing Justice League a long lasting organization.

  10. If a member breaks a Code of Conduct (confidentiality), we will talk with them about the incident(s), and ask them to return to the code of conduct. If the problem continues, the member will be asked to leave.