HJL Organizing Groups

Existing Organizing Groups

Eviction Defense

Purpose: Educate renters on preventing and organizing against eviction in their buildings and neighborhoods.

Representatives: Karimah Dillard, Chris Wheeler, Natalie McLaughlin

Contact: evictiondefense@housingjusticeleague.org

BeltLine for All

Purpose: Stop the harmful impacts of the BeltLine development on lower income communities facing displacement and increasing cost burdens.


HJL Members can start an “Organizing Group” within HJL as a way to carry out the work of the organization. Organizing groups help provide a structure for good communication within the organization and a pathway to take leadership. Examples of organizing group activity could include HJL’s logistical and communications needs, ongoing campaigns, expanding the scope of HJL’s work, etc. The details of Organizing Groups are included in Part 7 of the HJL Bylaws.

How do I establish an Organizing Group?

Write a proposal with 3 or more HJL members outlining the name and purpose the Organizing Group and submit it to the HJL Board at a mass meeting or by emailing housingjusticeleagueatl@gmail.com. Include who will serve as the Representative(s) of the Organizing Group.

The Board will approve an Organizing Group unless they consider it to be in conflict with the Purposes & Objectives of HJL. If this is the case, they must communicate their decision in writing and make it available to all HJL members.

After Organizing Groups are approved, they will be publicly posted on the HJL website with information about their purpose, activities, and how to join.

What is the role of the Organizing Group Representative?

The Organizing Group Representative is responsible for the following:

  1. Facilitating communication and cooperation between their Organizing Group, the Board, other Organizing Groups, HJL staff/personnel, and the general membership;

  2. Issuing notices of Organizing Group meetings;

  3. Taking minutes of Organizing Group meetings;

  4. Keeping a list of Organizing Group members;

  5. Making available any minutes or reports to the Board and General Membership.

Communication and Reporting

Each Organizing Group must report regularly on its activities to HJL Board, HJL staff/personnel, and at least once per month at the Monthly Mass Meeting to the General Membership.