HJL Board Elections 2019

HJL will hold elections for 2 new Board members in October 2019. If you are a registered member of HJL, believe in the work of the organization, and have ideas of how we could improve as an organization, you should consider running! Below we outline some important information about the Board, but people intending to run should familiarize themselves with the HJL bylaws.

Election Timeline

Nominations Open: September 17

Nominations Close: October 15 (Day of Mass Meeting)

Voting Opens: October 22

Voting closes: November 19 (Day of Mass Meeting)

Results Announced: November 22

Term Starts: December 1, 2019

The Board will prioritize the membership of individuals with past or present housing vulnerability and those representing each of the following groups:

  1. Equity-Seeking Groups, including but not limited to:

    1. Black people / People of Color / and other Racialized Persons;

    2. Persons with disabilities;

    3. LGBTQIA+ persons.

    4. Women 

    5. Seniors

Board members hold office for a minimum of 2 years from the time of their election. They may choose to run for a second term if they desire. 

Eligibility for the Board

In order to be eligible for nomination to the Board, an individual must:

  1. Be a member of HJL in good standing

  2. Provide a written statement summarizing the individual’s qualifications, experience, and desire to be nominated (*written statements can be submitted at the September Mass Meeting or emailed to housingjusticeleague@gmail.com); and 

  3. Consent in writing to run for the Board and agree to act in accordance with the Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, Purpose & Objectives, and Bylaws of HJL if elected.

**Scroll down for a form you can use to submit your statement

Duties of the Board 

The Board of Housing Justice League shall keep the integrity and goals of the organization at the forefront of every decision that it makes. It will also work to maintain and uplift the membership-led and democratic nature of Housing Justice League.

Some duties of the Board include:

  1. Attend monthly Board meetings

  2. Work in collaboration with the Executive Director to stay up to date on the day to day work of the organization’s staff and membership

  3. Suggest work that can be more effectively carried out by organizing groups and help to establish and support said organizing groups for the long-term development of HJL

  4. Support grant writing 

  5. Support fundraising by networking helping with the logistics of fundraising events

  6. Organize and attend board development trainings for the continuing education of Board members including conflict resolution training

  7. Recruit new Board members

  8. Organize elections for new Board members

  9. Organize voting on other matters brought to Housing Justice League by the Membership or the Board

  10. Annually evaluate the performance of the Executive Director

  11. Support conflict resolution among members 

  12. Establish an annual budget and carry out an annual audit of the financial records

  13. Ensure that there is a signer and co-signer to the bank account and credit cards of HJL in case of emergency 

Board Positions

After the elections, the Board of HJL will decide which Board members will fulfill certain positions. You can find more details on Board positions at housingjusticeleague.org/bylaws. If you are elected, here are some of the positions HJL is looking to fill:

Secretary - The secretary is responsible for coordinating the Board. This includes calling board meetings, notifying Board members of meetings, and taking and sharing meeting minutes with the Board.

Membership Coordinator - The membership coordinator is responsible for putting together and coordinating a Membership Organizing Group which is responsible for the following: 

  1. Maintaining a membership database

  2. Coordinating Membership communication for joining HJL and voting

  3. Coordinating Membership drives/phone banking

  4. Collecting dues

Conflict Resolution Coordinator - The Conflict Resolution Coordinator is responsible for putting together and coordinating a Conflict Resolution Committee which consists of 3-5 Board Members or General Members. 

HJL Board Elections Nomination Form 2019

Name: ________________________________________________

How have you been involved with Housing Justice League?

What are your qualifications to serve on the Board of Housing Justice League? 

Do you agree to act in accordance with HJL’s Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, Purpose & 

Objectives, and Bylaws of HJL if elected? _____________________________________________