Eviction Defense

What is the Eviction Defense Manual? 

HJL’s Eviction Defense Manual is a tool for learning about tenants rights in the eviction process, eviction defense, and reducing displacement and debt caused by eviction. The Manual walks tenants through the legal process of eviction, breaking down complicated legal terms and explaining requirements of landlords under the law and opportunities for tenant defense within the different stages of the process. We developed the manual with the understanding that the majority (53%) of tenants lose the opportunity to challenge their eviction in court because they do not file an answer. Many additional tenants file an answer without a proper legal defense or fail to show up to their court date. Any of these actions speed up the eviction process and lose tenants the opportunity to challenge their case.

HJL Eviction Defense Work

The eviction crisis in Fulton County is one of the worst in the country, with around 800 evictions filed against tenants every week. Housing Justice League’s Eviction Defense Work is a community organizing effort to educate renters on preventing and fighting eviction in their buildings and neighborhoods. Our outreach work includes:

  • Mass direct mailings to apartment complexes with the highest eviction rates. The mailing includes information on how to contact HJL to get printed manuals or to schedule an information session.

  • Canvassing in neighborhoods and buildings with the highest eviction rates to talk with residents about our manual/work.

  • Holding information sessions in communities facing the eviction crisis to explain how to use the manual and how to organize with fellow tenants to defend one another from eviction and use collective force to make landlords meet tenant demands.

Volunteer with us!

Volunteer opportunities are not in short supply. To get involved email us at evictiondefense@housingjusticeleague.org 

Volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Share our online fundraiser or host a fundraising event!

  • Deliver manuals to people who request them

  • Join the Infoline Response Team to respond to people inquiring about the manual and tenant organizing

  • Canvas in communities with HJL organizers to inform people of the manual and our eviction defense work

  • Help set up and/or lead information sessions about how to use the manual 

  • Anything else you can think of! 

Special thanks to the American Friends Service Committee, the Counter Narrative Project, Vine City Civic Association, the Rick McDevitt Youth Center, and others in the community who have provided space and resources to make this work possible.