BeltLine for All

research report - full version


Read the full version of the participatory action research report, "BeltLining: Gentrification, Broken Promises, and Hope on Atlanta's Southside," that was designed and conducted by members of the Housing Justice League and residents of the communities that face displacement from the rapid development of the BeltLine and gentrification of historically black neighborhoods around it.

Starting in October 2016, Housing Justice League led a community-based research and organizing campaign focused on the Atlanta BeltLine and its impact on housing affordability and neighborhood stability, looking closely at issues of gentrification and displacement. Our members conducted 31 in-depth interviews with residents living in Southside Atlanta neighborhoods and collected 143 surveys from 19 different BeltLine communities located all around the city. We  conducted outreach in neighborhoods along the BeltLine's path, primarily on the Southwest and Southeast trails.

We are bringing together residents concerned with issues related to the BeltLine's development and working together to develop a collective action campaign using the research and information we've gathered, and our personal experiences of displacement, to organize for a BeltLine for All, and Development Without Displacement.If you live in a BeltLine neighborhood and are impacted by the rising costs associated with the BeltLine, join our campaign! 

Housing Justice League - BeltLine for All

Research Report - 1 page teaser

Read the one-page teaser of the BeltLine for All research report. Here, you can find the main takeaways from our extensive research, which surveyed both Census Tract data and contains primary research data from residents interviews conducted by the Housing Justice League.

Beltline for All Campaign Flyer

Check out the campaign flyer for our BeltLine for All research report. With this project, our goals are to start a dialogue to promote community engagement in the development process.