Tenant Association Partnerships

Housing Justice League brings tenants together to build their collective power. We help to start and strengthen tenant associations.

At our monthly meetings we have tenant breakout groups for tenants to strategize and support each other. A tenant association can pay $25 a year to become a member organization of HJL. Housing Justice League will support tenants in launching campaigns to address housing issues they are facing. The tenant associations we currently partner with are listed below.


City views At Rosa Burney Park

Founded in May 2015

Contact: cvrbtenantassociation@gmail.com


BriarCliff Summit

Founded in July 2018

Contact: President Charles Bibb, charlesbibbjr@gmail.com


Forest Cove

Founded in March 2018

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 11.13.10 AM.png

Capitol Towers

Founded in October 2017

Contact: President Faustina Ward, aunt.data73@gmail.com


stanton oaks

Founded in June 2014

Contact: President Sherise Brown, sherise42@yahoo.com

(Exciting Announcement) Members of Columbia Senior Residences of Mechanicsville Tenant Association. Photo Credit Deborah Arnold.jpeg

Columbia Senior Residences at Mechanicsville

Founded February 2019

Contact: Teresa Dunn, ladydred@yahoo.com


Home Park

Founded in January 2019

Contact: homeparktenants@gmail.com