We are in a critical high stakes moment: There’s a long history of the destruction of black neighborhoods in the South going back decades, and highways and stadiums have played a major role. 

Now, after decades of harmful development and disinvestment, development has ramped up in the communities surrounding Turner Field and along the Beltline, fueling the displacement of potentially thousands of people. We believe that together we can organize for communities to have economic development without displacement. 


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Feb 03, 2017

Activating Tenant Power

On Thursday, Feb. 2nd, the Housing Justice League launched its new tenant leadership development training series. The series will take place every month at different apartment complexes, and include smaller trainings in between each month based on the needs of each...

Feb 01, 2017

Job Announcement: Vista Tenant Organizer

We have a new opportunity for a passionate person who's down to organize tenants. There's a ton of training involved so experience isn't required but it is appreciated. VISTA Tenant Organizer

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